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You will learn answers to frequently asked questions about TFT, such as What is Thought Field Therapy®? How Will Learning TFT Help Me? How Will TFT Help My Clients? and more!

Q:  What is Callahan Techniques® THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY®?

A:  THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY® (TFT) is a simple and straightforward technique for resolving emotional and psychological issues! It uses acupressure points that the client activates by simply tapping with the fingertips while thinking about the specific problem. This process has the capability of disabling and often completely eliminating troublesome emotional and physical responses.

Q:  How will learning TFT help me?

A:  This course will dramatically increase your ability to work successfully with FEARS, PHOBIAS, ANXIETY, TRAUMA, POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD), OCD, PHYSICAL PAIN, and many other emotional problems that can be life limiting, stifle personal performance, and act as barriers to healing!

Q:  How will TFT help my clients?

A:  TFT is one of the most effective psychotherapies ever discovered or devised. Time after time, it has been found to be extremely successful in treating FEARS, PHOBIAS, ANXIETY, TRAUMA, PTSD, OCD, PHYSICAL PAIN, and many other emotional problems that can be life limiting, stifle personal performance, and act as barriers to healing!

Q:  Is TFT related in any way to hypnosis?

A: There is no relationship or similarity between hypnosis and TFT. With TFT, belief is NOT necessary for the therapy to work. TFT has repeatedly surprised dubious skeptics who did not “believe in” TFT. They found that TFT worked without their personal belief in it, just as antibiotics do not depend upon the belief of the person taking them in order to be effective. With TFT, belief does not enter into the process.

Q:  Is TFT safe?

A:  Yes! Absolutely! TFT either WORKS or does nothing.

Q:  Is TFT compatible with other types of therapy?

A:  YES! Thought Field Therapy® is a perfect addition to any therapeutic plan or regimen. It also functions very well as a stand-alone therapy.

Q:  What happens during a TFT treatment?

A:  The therapist instructs the client to tap a series of pre-determined points on the body in a precise order. This is done while the client thinks of the problem. Typically, the result is elimination of the problem or a significant reduction of the problem.

Q:  How effective is TFT?

A:  TFT is NOT just a band-aid therapy. It offers real, measurable, and permanent relief from a wide variety of problems. It has been referred to as “The Power Therapy of the 21st Century” because of its high degree of effectiveness. Many of the most common phobias and fears can be completely eliminated in five minutes or less! The ALGORITHM LEVEL treatments taught in this workshop are completely effective most the time. If it does not completely eliminate the problem, many will experience an improvement of the problem condition that is therapeutically significant. Dr. Roger Callahan, founder and developer of TFT, says, “I have been in practice for over a half century, and I have never seen nor heard of any treatment as effective as TFT when it is carried out by a trained person.”

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