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You can either attend her Thought Field Therapy® trainings or invite her to present TFT seminars for your group.

Another one of her missions was to introduce TFT into schools. She has trained numerous educators who have used TFT in their schools to eliminate test anxiety, writing reversals, lack of focus and other blocks to learning, as well as trauma, anger, rage, guilt, phobias, anxiety, stress, pain, and addictions. She taught doctoral level students how to eliminate past educational traumas, writer's block, blocks to finishing, and procrastination, among other things. She has worked with students from other countries to help them get over the traumas of wars, being separated from family and friends, abuse, and other difficulties to enable them to be able to focus on learning in their present situations.
In 1999, she became trained in Voice Technology and has been using it to assist clients both in the United States and in other countries. She has presented Diagnostic training in Spanish in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Jenny has served on the ATFT Foundation Board of Directors since it was formed in 2004. This Board has sent three teams to Rwanda to work with genocide victims, two teams to New Orleans to work with those impacted by Hurricane Katrina, two teams to Tanzania to work with malaria, and a team to Uganda to work with trauma victims and malaria. She also holds Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification, as well as Clinical Hypnotherapist certification. Her doctorate is in Human and Organizational Systems.

Jenny Edwards, TFT-VT is a dynamic, innovative trainer who presents Thought Field Therapy® trainings in English, Spanish, Italian, and French. 

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Jenny Edwards, TFT-VT is a dynamic, innovative trainer who presents Thought Field Therapy® trainings in English, Spanish, Italian, and French. She has been giving trainings in the Philippines, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Canada, Africa, and the United States since 1998. She has offered Trainer Training to Thought Field Therapy® trainers around the world. Her effective accelerated learning techniques enable participants to learn to use Thought Field Therapy® quickly, easily, and enjoyably!

Jenny has searched her entire life for increasingly effective healing practices. When she heard of Thought Field Therapy® in March, 1997, she knew that one of her missions was to take it into Third-World countries. That summer, she became trained in the Algorithm level of TFT. As she began using it, she was impressed with the immediate results that it produced. 

In January, 1998, she took the TFT Diagnostic training from Dr. Roger Callahan. She began conducting trainings in the Denver area in June, 1998. She was training a group of people in Nairobi, Kenya in August, 1998 when the American Embassy was bombed. She went to Kenyatta Hospital and helped trauma victims eliminate their trauma, flashbacks, and pain. Any skepticism that she had vanished as she saw people’s traumas and pain go away in minutes! 

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