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TFT Trainings are offered in Denver and around the world for weight loss, stress, addictions, fears, traumas, and more. Seminars include a two-day Thought Field Therapy® Algorithm Workshop, as well as half-day and full-day workshops on topics such as:
• Weight Busters: Losing Weight Quickly and Easily;
• Stress Busters: Successfully Overcoming Stress:
• Good-bye Addictions: Getting Rid of Addictive Urge;
• Fears Be Gone: Getting Rid of Phobias; and
• Eliminating the Effects of Trauma.

Boot Camp Training

We have taken the very best TFT has to offer and packaged it together into a weekend training, called the TFT Boot Camp. You will learn the Algorithm Level protocols, as well as the Basic Diagnostic training protocols to determine the points to tap to relieve problems. In addition, you will learn to determine toxins, and you will learn a method for working with them.
Your training program includes step-by-step protocols, relevant handouts, and a combination of demonstration and instructional support materials including actual recorded live sessions (to refer to again and again).
You will receive the Algorithm Level Training materials, Basic Diagnostic Training materials, a Self-Study Program on Sensitivities, Intolerances, and Toxins, the Voltmeter and Psychological Reversal downloadable book, and an Algorithm wall chart download.
You will learn to address a variety of problems, including; physical pain, abuse, trauma, anxiety or panic, depression, addictions, anorexia, simple phobias, and many of life’s problems that we all experience. This gives you a wide background to not only rapidly increase your skills, but discover the benefits of TFT for yourself.
This Boot Camp course includes hands-on training, practice, and live demonstrations with the participants. All attendees have the opportunity to work on personal issues, and many experience complete resolution of these issues during the weekend.

To discuss your interest in Thought Field Therapy® workshops, contact Jenny Edwards, TFT-VT at

After completing Day 1 of this workshop, you will be familiar with the theory of TFT, the language of TFT, and the specific skills you will use in the treatment of:

• Anxiety
• Phobias
• Anger
• Past Trauma
• Grief  

During each day of class, you will have time to practice the skills with other workshop participants.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will receive a certificate suitable for framing, acknowledging completion of the TFT Algorithm training. Additionally, your name will be added to the list of therapists who have completed training approved by Dr. Callahan and the Association for Thought Field Therapy®.

Weight Busters: Losing Weight Quickly and Easily

• Do you have clients who struggle with losing weight?
• Would you like to know powerful strategies for working with clients around losing weight? 

Then this seminar is for you! In this full-day seminar, you will learn:

• how to help clients lose weight quickly and easily
• strategies for eliminating addictive urge
• the impact of toxins on weight
• the role of psychological reversal, which prevents healing

You will be able to share these with your clients in order to enable them to lose weight easily and quickly.

Stress Busters: Successfully Overcoming Stress

• Do your clients experience stress that keeps them from moving forward?
• Would you like to be able to assist your clients in eliminating stress from their lives easily and quickly?
In this two-hour seminar, you will learn powerful strategies for assisting your clients in eliminating their stress. They will thank you for it!

Good-Bye Addictions! Getting Rid of Addictive Urge

• Do you work with clients who battle addictive urge?
• Do you wish that you had even more powerful tools to assist them in overcoming their addictions and living productive lives?
This one-day training provides tools that you can use for helping your clients in overcoming their addictions.

You will learn:

• the relationship between anxiety and addictive urge
• the relationship between toxins and addictive urge
• the role of psychological reversal in addictive urge
• self-help treatments that your clients can use when they feel the desire to indulge in an addictive substance 

Fears Be Gone! Getting Rid of Phobias

• Have you worked with clients who have had fears of death, snakes, spiders, heights, thunder and lightning, cancer, confined or open spaces, flying, people and social situations, and other things?
• Do you sometimes wish that you had even more powerful and rapid ways of assisting your clients in overcoming their fears and phobias?
In this full-day seminar, you will learn:
• the origin of phobias
• types of phobias
• strategies for assisting clients in overcoming their phobias 

Eliminating the Effects of Trauma

• Are you working with clients who have experienced traumas that have kept them from moving forward with their lives?
• Do you sometimes wish that you had even more rapid methods for helping them with their feelings?
In this full-day workshop, you will learn powerful methods for assisting your clients in overcoming their traumas and putting the past behind them.

You will also learn strategies for working with related feelings, such as:

• anger
• guilt
• rage
• embarrassment
• shame
• depression 

In just two days, you can master the newest, most powerful therapeutic technique available to “people helping” professionals!

“Jenny, you are a remarkable person. Sharing your struggles and accomplishments with us made everything real. Thank you for opening up to do that. Your loving heart shows in all that you do. You are so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, efficient, encouraging, a Master teacher . . . it was a pleasure to be in your class.

There was so much to present to us . . . so much to learn. I felt like I was on a train that had to keep moving, and you, the engineer, moved it right along, no stopping. I mean that in a good way. We couldn’t hesitate . . . we just had to keep going, but no matter where we were seated on that train, you always made us feel confident! And now, I feel like my car is unhooked, and I’m making my way on my own, at my own speed, feeling capable and strong because I know my engineer is always just a click away!”

C. Van Meter, Winston-Salem, NC

After completing Day 2 of this workshop, you will be familiar with the TFT treatments for:

• Guilt
• Depression
• Panic
• Physical Pain 
• Rage
• Obsession
• Neurological Disorganization 

Thought Field Therapy® Trainings

The Two-Day Thought Field Therapy® Algorithm Workshop

In this introductory training in TFT and Callahan Techniques®, you will learn the common sequences (or ALGORITHMS) that have been developed through TFT Causal Diagnosis. These algorithms will aid in the resolution of many simple problems. The curriculum is standardized and approved by Callahan Techniques® and by Dr. Callahan.

The long-lasting, rapid, and highly effective results of this short-term therapy are the reason that TFT has been called “The Power Therapy of the Twenty-First Century”. 

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